Monday, April 18, 2011


I am never disappointed when I go to my dear Houston's. In fact I seem to get even more surprised at how good the food tastes every time, even though I know when I enter the wonderfully aromatic restaurant that my tummy will be left satisfied. I swear I dream about this food when I'm feeling down and it just lifts my spirits. It's my perfect type of comfort food.

What we ordered: New Orleans Red Bean Soup (Not pictured), Thai Steak Salad, Hawaiian Rib-Eye Steak, Barbecue Ribs (Not pictured), and a Hickory Burger.

The New Orleans style soup was extremely filling, more of a chili than a soup if you ask me. It was overflowing with ham strips, Andouille sausages, and red beans, garnished with white rice. The Thai steak salad was a delicious mish-mash of steak, fruit, lettuce, greens and Thai salad dressing. The Hawaiian Rib-Eye was hound dog of a steak marinated in Hawaiian "special sauce". The Barbecue Ribs will hands down be the best ribs you have ever devoured and finger-licked in your life, fall of the bone succulent soft pork. And my Hickory burger is a great piece of ground beef topped with Hickory style Canadian bacon, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, roughly chopped onions, and BBQ sauce. Oh and let me not forget the loaded potato side. A delectable salted baked potato stuffed to capacity with sour cream, chives, crispy bacon, and shredded cheddar.

What We Wore: I wore a Olive Green Loft Hidden Pocket blouse, Zara sequin trousers, Loft Navy Blue Trench Coat, Guess by Marciano Metallic Sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs Beige Tote. Not shown: J. Crew Necklace. Anya wore a J. Crew highlighter yellow crinkled scarf, Loft green cargo jacket, Urban Outfitters leopard print shorts, Zara loose-fitted tee, and DV by Dolce Vita chocolate brown ankle boots.

PSA: By The Sweet Paprika

I guess I should address the fact that I haven't posted in about a year, and I'm suddenly popping back up. In all honesty, school got the best of me as a full-time student and part-time employee, I had been bombarded with work with little to no time to cook or document the little bit of cooking I got to do. I've continued food shopping and restaurant dining all the while, and realized it seemed a little pointless unless I had someone out there to share it with. So here I am, back again making a conscious effort to make time to document the food I devour on my trails, and the clothes I do it in.

Whether it's up to date or recaps of dinings gone unpublished, I hope this blog of fashion and food will satisfy you with some food for thought and quench your thirst for fashion.

Till next time...
The Sweet Paprika

Friday, July 2, 2010

Claws: Living in the Lapis of Luxury

I know nails and nail polish isn't fashion per-say but if there's one thing that I'm obsessed about keeping well pampered, it's my nails. I love painting, filing, buffing, scrubbing, massaging my nails. It's all therapeutic to me. Anya, my mother, and I have collected quite a variety of nail polish and tools over the years. Anyway this is my absolute favorite nail color for this summer, Essie's Lapis of Luxury. I love the muted blue on my skin tone and its shiny finish. Essie is by far my top nail polish brand. You can by it here.