Friday, July 2, 2010

Eatin' Out: Pio, Pio, Pio's!

You know that one restaurant that you know no matter what time of day, mood your in, or how the weather is outside you'll always leave that place stuffed to the brim and satisfied beyond belief, well that restaurant for us is Pio Pio's in Manhattan. I can't recall the first time I've been, I can just remember the numerous times going and leaving happy every. single. time. The service is the fastest you'll ever see for such great quality of food and the menu, though mostly in Spanish is simple and to the point.

But don't get me wrong, fast service and simple menu doesn't equate to a run of the mill place. No, their decor is great a combination of rich yellow accents, exposed brick, and murals of young Peruvian native children. Oh did I mention it's a Peruvian restaurant? We always order the same thing with small variations here and there. The Matador Combo is one large chicken served with two sides and their divine avocado salad.

Mouth-watering Chicken!
Best rice and beans thus far.
Avocado Salad with red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.
My final plating, YUMYUMYUM! With sweet plantains not shown.

What I think is the one thing that is really memorable and just adds that final kick to Pio Pio's is their secret green sauce. We've tried to recreate this sauce a million times and have never captured the right color, consistency, or spice that it has. I tend to think the meal would be nothing without this mysterious yet delectable green sauce.

So cheers to another great meal at our favorite spot in the city.

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